Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Greatest Invention EVER!!!

This is in Spanish, but you really don't have to speak the language to get what he's communicating. This is a brilliant parody of the way in which the digital age often attempts to improve things that truly do not need improving. It could also be seen as a way in which marketing stresses the new, though the new isn't always necessarily better.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm not a huge fan of Kindle or any other digital reading devices. Sure, it eliminates the shelf space ordinarily taken up by books - much the way that iTunes did for CD racks - but how can you replace the organic splendor of holding un libro?

What made me want to become a writer in the first place was seeing my father read books. I was only four years old, yet still intrigued by what could possibly hold his attention that much. I would eventually look the books over myself. Inside, I encountered all of these words, just pages and pages of them. How could anyone comprehend so many? I remember taking our dictionary and pretending to read it as a fiction novel since I didn't actually know how to read yet. There was still a story there in those pages, I just had to provide them myself, making it up as I went along. I only knew that I was doing what Dad did. Or appearing to anyway. Nothing else mattered.

Soon I came to adore the smell of a new book, that crisp scent of cut paper, the physical weight of all those thoughts, the cover illustration which offered a window onto the images contained therein.

Besides, how can you loan someone a book if the only copy of have of it is in your Kindle? Loan them your Kindle and you could be loaning them over 300 books. Also, the other day my friend sat down to finish reading a Kindle book. She'd been thinking about it all through work that day and couldn't wait. One problem she discovered when she got home though: The batteries were dead.

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