Introducing the Latest Form of Art: Interactive New-Media.

One of the more engaging, inventive and disturbing Web sites I've ever come across. Make sure you click on the animated men more than once. Some will swing wildly as a curtain of skeleton bones. Others will make strange noises while dancing with a cardboard box over their head. And yet others will...well, I don't understand what the hell they're doing really.  The site is called NAILS. You're welcome.

The link to this madness:

By the way, the artist is known as Han Hoogerbrugge and his full Web site is

He also has two books out. One is called Modern Living: The Graphic Universe of Han Hoogerbrugge and the other is Modern Living: The Graphic Universe of Han Hoogerbrugge.

There are some interactive stories on his Web site as well. "Hotel" is mind-blowing.

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