INDEPENDENT SONG RELEASE: Caspian Lennox, “The Brightest Star"

By Lee Anderson

Caspian Lennox (amazing name) is British-born composer, songwriter, singer, and multi-Instrumentalist who’s currently based in St. Ives. He’s of “mixed” background, inspired to write and play music by a fusion of folk tales and carnival rhythms from Trinidad & Tobago.  He also claims influence from Classical and Romantic-era instrumentals.

With this in mind, his new single, “The Brightest Star,” is surprisingly nothing like any of these. It’s a goth-pop love song which actually reminds me of Bauhaus if Peter Murphy were from flowery Key West instead of dingy Northampton. I mean this as a compliment, of course. 

With his Jeff Buckley good looks, Lennox (no relation) writes songs that are more straightforward with what he means.

I wonder if you feel for me as I feel for you,” Lennox sings.

Haven’t seen a music video yet, but the guitar’s 90’s echo-jangle makes me picture him on the beach, Banana Republic khakis rolled up at the ankles while the wind feathers his hair. His shirt flaps open and he sings to the ocean with his arms outstretched. Sounds like a cheesy scene, except the sky’s dripping blood and the sun radiates like the Eye of Sauron. 

You can tell Lennox really puts his soul out there, and it’s a kaleidoscope..   

And now my upstairs swells with what might be a wild idea,” he sings. “I heard a tale where a wish came true. I wonder if you feel for me…as I feel…for you.” 

Part of the chorus finds Lennox feeling insecure: “You’re the brightest star in my world, but do you feel for me?” 

“The Brightest Star” ends with a softening but unexpected piano changeup.  “I kind of miss you. That’s all I know…” Having started with a slow beat under a morose guitar, the tune ends with a nice piano fade.  

Actually, I hear the influence of Classical and Romantic-era instrumentals after all. 

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