INDEPENDENT SONG RELEASE: K-Rob the Singer, “Six Figures” (Featuring FloRocker)

By Lee Anderson

“Six Figures” is the new single from Kevin Roberts, otherwise known as “K-Rob the Singer.” He’s also K-Rob the Actor, K-Rob the Film Producer, K-Rob the Director. and K-Rob the Owner of FloStyle Music Publishing, which he started with his brother FloRocker, also featured on this single.

The song starts with low, ominous keyboard notes, in between which K-Rob pumps up the listener. “Let’s get it,” he encourages us. Cue slow, mechanized beat.

“Six figures around my neck / six figures on my wrist,” he sings. It’s a song about victory, enjoying the fineries of life. It’s what being true to yourself has brought you.

When FloRocker arrives for his feature, his harder and rougher rhymes hammer home the harsh truths:

“Haters mad at me because they know they can’t stop it. / They ask me where I’m from / From a city that go dumb / Pour me a shot of rum / Dancers having fun / I’m gone make your girlfriend cum…”

Sounds hurtful, but I guess I understand. Yeah, the fineries of life. But obviously there’s a dark price to pay for having it all.

A tonebox warbles K-Rob’s voice. He sounds underwater as he slides back in: “I’m really from the rich / They can count on me / Never let ‘em down / That’s not me / You will taste the Glock if you disrespect me…”

Angry words from someone with six figures around their neck and wrist, but nothing comes free. A happy life can make for an empty soul. Just the way it is. 

“Uh-oh, I got to get it like I live though,” K-Rob sings. “Uh oh, I got to get it ‘cause I’m real though. ..”

He ends the song with the appreciation for a girl’s “flat tummy.” He explains that “it’s on you, baby.” 

It’s on all of us actually. The beautiful insanity of it all. It’s why I love hip hop. And because it’s real though.

Based in California’s Bay Area, K-Rob the Singer has written and produced several singles hitting the Billboard’s Top 100 Singles Chart. He was the very first underground R&B artist to chart through record-breaking underground single sales. He started the record label with his brother and hasn’t looked back.

K-Rob grew up singing in church.



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