INDEPENDENT SONG RELEASE: Ben Grizz, “Steak and Rice”

By Lee Anderson

Ben Grizz is a Massachusetts rapper inspired by his uncle and grandfather, both hip-hop aficionados themselves. The name “Grizz” came from the phrase “Get it, Grizz!” spoken often by his brother’s friends. It stuck because of Ben’s aggressive determination, even in childhood. They could see he was going places. Grizz was different.

"Steak and Rice" is the first single from is new album Expensive Taste. The single opens with a piano starting and stalling, as if its player were searching the right key. A soft, electronic stutter-beat begins and the piano finds itself. Throughout the song, the piano and beat skip and halt around each other while remaining synchronized somehow, like outcast dance partners. 

“I’m gonna take ‘em on a heist,” Grizz raps. His voice is a commanding presence, echoing in rhythm with itself. “If you a boss, then what’s the price? / Don’t try your luck like rolling dice.” Meanwhile, he’s eating steak and rice. A victor’s meal. “Treating every week / Just like it’s the weekend…”

With so much going for him, it’s a little heartbreaking that he occasionally falls into hip-hop tropes, such as calling women “hoes,” making note of his own wealth, plus a plethora of N-words. “I can’t fuck with these hoes unless they freakin.’/ Pull myself together like I’m geekin.’” It’s a good rhyme, but the sentiment feels sadder than it should. 

“Steak and Rice” improves when Grizz shows more vulnerability: “Smoking so much weed / I think I need some treatment / I’m looking like I’m chillin,’ / but I’m really creepin.’” Yes, I do believe I can identify with that. 

Grizz claims the Notorious B.I.G., 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne as influences. This makes perfect sense since Grizz does possess the swagger of B.I.G., the edge-hard spirit of 50 Cent, and the backstreet mixtape lyricism of Lil Wayne. Grizz is all of these rappers but different. Hopefully, as his career progresses, he’ll be just different enough.

Not that he likely gives a shit what you or me think anyway. Get it, Grizz…

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To hear the single "STEAK AND RICE" by BEN GRIZZ, please click on the image below:

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