Book Trailer for Heather Wilde's "The Most Beautiful Insanity"

“…a surreal jaunt through the drug and betrayal-laden underbelly of South Beach’s club life. (Wilde’s) unusual lyricism stamps her characters and their sordid choices with authenticity. The result is an insider’s lens on the grislier truths behind beauty and privilege.” --The Miami Herald


Drexel Waters is a male fashion model living in South Miami Beach. His career is in free fall after inadvertently causing the overdose death of a female model. She turns out to be the daughter of a powerful billionaire real estate mogul, now bent on revenge for his daughter’s death.

By Drexel’s side is Ophelia, his fashion model, co-dependent girlfriend who would do anything for him, no matter how depraved or illegal. Still, she possesses a dark side and a hidden agenda, which no one sees coming.

The detective on the case is Trace Strickland, an old friend of Drexel’s. They share a sordid past. Trace is stuck between performing his job as a cop and doing his best to help his desperate friend while also concealing their connection.

Murderous forces close in on Drexel as the girl’s father comes ever closer to tracking him down. Steamy sex, available drugs, perfect beauty, and casual morality clash in a shattering climax that will leave the reader stunned.

For readers 18 and over only!

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