BOOK REVIEW, FICTION: Level Up: Level One: Headshot by Alexa Sommers

Level Up: Level One: Headshot by Alexa Sommers is not just the only triple colon-titled book I’ve ever read, but the first to include a mountain of geek-speak and impromptu sex. The main character is Dillon, an awkward virgin attending an Introduction to Game Theory class. Predictably this is what Dillon calls “a female free zone.” Or so he thought. He meets the thrill-spirited, sucker pop-color-haired Suzie and her nerd-sexy friends. 

Once Dillon constructs his own original role-playing board game, this seems to give him power with women, as if mastering a make-believe world has given him lordship over the real one. It’s double domination. Dillon’s story is every geeks’ dream. 

During a roundtable beta-testing of his game, two of Suzie’s friends individually corner Dillon and sex him down. Here Sommers is graphic but nothing shocking. The smut is actually light and handled tenderly. 

The novel comes to hang on Dillon’s dilemma. He must choose between the two girls he’s just enjoyed sequential sex with. It’s “Big Bang Theory,” except X-rated. It makes for a fun read, though the novel could’ve used a lot more environment. What does Dillon’s room look like? What posters does he have? What color are the carpet and drapes?

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